Quick Notes

Things that came on the way

Google Bigtable

Bigtable is Google’s distributed key value data storage system which can scale thousands of machines storing petabytes of data.

  • Provides a simple data model that supports dynamic control over data layouts and formats unlike relational data model
  • Allows clients to reason about the locality properties of the data represented in the underlying storage
  • Data in indexed by row and column names that can be arbitrary strings

Google File System

GFS is Google’s distributed filesystem to support their processing needs based on the following observations


  • Component failures are the norm rather than the exception. Therefore monitoring, error detection, fault tolerance and recovery should be integral to the system
  • Files are large by traditional standards and grows faster.
  • Files are mutated by append operation rather than overwriting existing data

Organizational Knowledge Management

With increased opportunity for mobility comes the higher risk of losing knowledge. Knowledge which is detrimental to the success of an organization, mitigating the risk of losing it is vital.

Knowledge is broadly categorized as explicit and tacit. Explicit knowledge is something which can be recorded, for e.g. the process of multiplying numbers and multiplication tables. A person learns from explicit knowledge and assimilates it through reflective cognition. Then by repeatedly applying the knowledge they gain the expertise and it becomes part of their reflective cognition and in turn tacit.

Customer Centricity and Projects

Customer centricity is being embraced in all aspects of business like moving to a customer centric organization, customer centric design, in sales, marketing etc. It is only a click away to amazon.com to understand the benefits of being customer centric. It is being fully realized now what Mahatma Gandhi said about customers and I quote