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Things that came on the way

Services Through Cloud

Even though there are various types of Cloud service vendors available in the market, they all can be mapped back to the following three basic Cloud service models.

What on Which Cloud?

Wondering which IT systems or work load can be moved to Public Cloud to take advantage of its high cost benefit and at the sametime mitigate some of the concerns. The following is an broad categorization of systems/work loads which can be targeted for the different Cloud deployment models.

Variations of Cloud

Even though the are many concerns in using Public Cloud, large enterprises are adopting Cloud delivery model aggressively. If Gartner’s predictions are correct, Cloud services will be a $148 billion market by 2014. By then industry would have some standards which will alleviate concerns like vendor lock-in and also solutions for security related concerns. But to understand what enterprises are doing in order to overcome the current concerns about Public Cloud we need to look at the Cloud deployment models

Why and Why Not Cloud

There are many reasons why Cloud is being adopted by enterprises and why some are holding back. Apart from the obvious reasons from the definition, the following is a good list of reasons for the Why and Why not….

Factors appealing to Cloud adoption:

In the Cloud?

Every one is talking about Cloud and everyone wants to be on it!!!. At the same time when interacting with customers, there are questions raised which highlights the various levels of awareness and understanding of what Cloud delivery model means.

Some of the queries go like these “Our systems are hosted by a vendor and we get the required capacity when required. Does this mean we are on the Cloud?”