Quick Notes

Things that came on the way

Adding Users to Graphite

Once you start populating data to Graphite database, users can see data on Graphite UI and create custom graphs to see the data in realtime. When graphs are created users want to save the graphs for future use and probably want to create a dashboard with all the graphs created. One simple (but non user friendly) way to accomplish this is to save the URLs of the graphs created and users can use it to bring up the graphs when they need them.

OO Programming Aspects of Python

For anyone familiar with Object Oriented programming this gives a quick run down on the OO aspects of Python language.

A class can be created using the class keyword.

>>> class Shape(object):
...     """This documents the details about the class Shape"""
>>> Shape.__doc__
'This documents the details about the class Shape'

Python Basics for Programmers

Once we understand the common social norms of interacting with others, it is a matter of knowing how to express it in the particular language to the person we are interacting with. Similarly once we understand the fundamentals of computer programming, it is a matter of knowing the syntax of a particular language to express what needs to be accomplished. The following details the basic syntax of the Python language which will help get started with it and be able to build solutions for most of the programming tasks. The assumption is that the reader is familiar with fundamentals of programming and have been programming is another language.