Quick Notes

Things that came on the way

Making a Git Pull Request for Specific Commits

Time to time when working on a project using a fork from a git repository, situations arise that a pull request need to be made to the master repository for a sub set of commits you made to the fork. The following are a set of steps which can help with accomplishing these scenarios.

Download and Install Software Using Chef

With open source software it is common to download and install software from the web. And with distributed computing plaftforms like hadoop software need to get installed on multiple servers. This can be automated using Chef. The following is an example of how zookeeper software can be downloaded and installed.

  • Create a Chef cookbook. Assumed that Chef is already available for use.
knife cookbook create zookeep

Enabling JAVA Plugin for Collectd

If you are trying to enable JAVA plugin on Ubuntu platform and facing issues the following is something you can try to fix it.

  • Since JAVA plug-in is not enabled by default, collectd need to be compiled from the code.

  • Download the source code and configure collectd with the following options

Basic Chef Knife Commands

While using any tool, 80% of all work is accomplished by very small percentage of commands available. Following are some of the commonly used Chef Knife commands.

  • To create a new cookbook
knife cookbook create cookbook_name

Note: use underscore instead of “-” (hyphen) in cookbook names. Hypen seem to prevent identification of LWRPs included in the cookbook.